MMA 2 Activation

Neo Media & Marketing has entered into partnership agreement with Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Ltd to market and exploit brand activation opportunities at MMA Terminal 2, Ikeja, Lagos. This is a major leveraging platform for brands to explore promotional engagements and create unique experiences for their consumers because MMA is more than just a terminal.

These activation opportunities include the following: automobile displays, product exhibitions, Christmas Funfairs/decorations, Valentine events for lovers, premium event venues such as the VIP car park and the helipad, schools organising excursion to the terminal, Children’s Day, monthly jazz night, flash mobs, press events, hospitality and entertainment events, location for commercial/movie production, marriage proposals at the terminal, Easter and Ramadan activations.

Relevant Data Highlighting the Strategic Importance of MMA2

1. Average traffic/footfall at MMA2 Terminal
  1. Daily – 15,000 Terminal users
  2. Weekly – 105,000 Terminal users
  3. Monthly – 450,000 Terminal users
  4. Yearly – 5,475,000 Terminal users
2. Numbers of Airlines currently using MMA2- Terminal – 8 Airlines
3. Routes covered by the airlines