Uptown Media
Uptown Media (UM) is a Nigerian media agency that strategically plans where and when your advertising message should appear. The agency helps its clients to creatively buy spaces for their messages by deploying the latest technology.

Media agencies have evolved beyond the traditional scope of predicting media spend and they have become 'communications agencies'.

At UM, we do a lot more than just telling our clients where to place their messages and when. Consumers have changed the way marketers plan their strategies and they have also adapted to a variety of media channels due to the digital disruptions.

It means media agencies have to also adapt to the changes taking place to enhance multiple efficiencies including having the ability for strategic planning and buying clout.

These efficiencies include giving clients value for their budgets across media planning and negotiation points. Specifically, the experience and expertise of UM team will be used for volume leverage to deliver economies of scale that reduces per media booking transaction cost.

UM utilises knowledge of the media market to meet the needs of its clients. The media agency is also able to focus key messages to consumers through channels that resonate and grab attention.