Digital PR

The number of social media users is constantly on the increase and their purchase decisions are influenced by their experiences online. Consumers are spending more time on the internet thereby making it an important medium for marketers.

Research has shown that consumers follow social media influencers and their favourite brands. They also share information and reviews before making purchase decisions. This explains why marketing managers are investing in social media contents to engage consumers and turn them into customers through viral marketing.

Public relations is going through a fundamental shift that will change how marketers think about the practice and deploy it forever. Simply put, PR cannot operate in a silo anymore.

PR professionals must now acquire multi-disciplinary skill sets and be able to weave together traditional PR with social media, interactive, and even advertising.

The bottom line is PR has evolved into digital communications. And for chief marketing officers, that means big changes in how they engage audiences with their brands.

The world is becoming more and more digital in everyday engagements and interactions. Much of what we do at work and in our homes have moved online, with technology driving change at an accelerated rate.

In this digital environment where everything is connected, PR experts have to think beyond the confines of their traditional capabilities. Specifically, it is crucial that brand communications should embrace the art of design thinking.

Written and spoken words need graphics, pictures and motion; a company’s brand, individual or an organisation's profile are affected in the ways they're portrayed, expressed and explained.

One of the advantages of Digital PR is that it is measurable. It does not matter whether your business goal is focused on any or all of the following:

1. Building brand awareness
2. Building a relationship with your audience
3. Increasing sales
4. Improving website backlinks and search rankings
5. Increasing Digital footprints and presence

Our promise is to provide an end-to-end digital marketing and public relations services, driven by a vision to work with startups, small, medium-sized businesses and large corporations.