Media Relations

At Neo Media & Marketing, our goal is to get the media on our side so that we can create and promote news for your brands. We understand what brands want and need. With today’s ever increasing range of communication requirements, we intend to support the marketing objectives of our clients and in the process, enhance the image of their brands.

Our media team utilises a diverse range of techniques and tools to reach audiences and ensure that messages are on target, accurate and effective.  This portfolio includes:

  1. Development of campaign roadmaps in line with corporate/business objectives
  2. Strategic counsel
  3. Management of target media database
  4. Media releases in English (This involves drafting, distribution and follow-up)
  5. Media events (This involves media conferences/briefings, media hospitality, drafting and circulation of media invitations, follow up and management of media desk at event)
  6. One-on-one media interviews (This involves preparation of pre-interview briefs for spokespeople)
  7. Handling of media enquiries and being the singular point of media contact
  8. Crisis Communications
  9. Facility tours