Isanja Board Game
ISANJA Board Game is a new indigenous board game about Nigeria produced by the ISANJA Company. "ISANJA" (coined from the word "I Sabi Naija) is a fun, engaging, competitive and educative word game that tests the knowledge of individuals about the social, cultural, political and informal climate of Nigeria.

It is specially designed to have advertising opportunities for organisations to promote their products and services. The ISANJA Company is also planning to produce a TV Game Show that would be broadcast on terrestrial and Satellite TV.
This will be the transition from the Board game played by individuals and teams to a TV Game Show that would offer a variety of income streams for the ISANJA Board Game such that contestants (whether as individuals or teams) would have prize money attached to winnings. Our expectation is that this TV content would have big impact on the entertainment industry in Nigeria. Potential sponsors would therefore have the chance to advertise their products and services on the ISANJA Game TV show.

For additional information on how to be a sponsor, please contact:
Bola - (07031351939) or  Vincent - (08069154248)